October 7, 2022

5 Essential Secrets to Being Truly Happy – Part 2

Yesterday we looked at Secret No.1 to Being Truly Happy. Truth is, Real Happiness comes from a place of deep contentment – being at peace with who you are as an individual created in the image of God. True Happiness comes from you finally reaching a place in your life where you’re no longer living your past but instead rather you’ve successfully completed your past – whether your past was filled with joy and a healthy upbringing surrounded by love and protection or whether your past was overladen with deep hurt, pain, suffering and abuse.

Most people are living their lives from a standpoint of their past, and what do I mean by this? Let me explain. It’s been proven, metaphysically, that every human being carries a bubble-like electromagnetic field around them. A more technical term for this is the “Toroidal Energy Field.” This bubble-like field is much like the canvas of our lives or our human experience on the earth. What we paint on this canvas remains there like a billboard that in turn projects into our future, bringing events and experiences into our Toroidal Energy Field (bubble) that relate to what we’ve painted on it and then dispatches this energy directly back to us in the form of individual real time experiences throughout our everyday lives.

How do we combat this and how do we make sure that our Toroidal Energy Field is serving us in a positive way and not harming us? Positivity! Maintaining an atmosphere of positivity. It’s being scientifically proven that positive people are happy people. This leads us to our Secret No.2 to being truly happy.


As your day begins to unfold, many types of things, results and people will be encountered. No matter what comes your way, choosing to be positive will help you to stay strong within the challenge and handle it in a peaceful and powerful manner. 
Even when things are difficult, try being positive and strive to make the best of whatever situation you’re in. It will help make even the most challenging situations easier to bear.

So as you live your life during the day, look for the positive not for the negative.
Often, during the day, repeat positive affirmations about what you want. Do so with faith, feelings, intention and focus. Your mind is the filter for this world around you, so look for the good in every situation, and you are sure to see it.

We’ll continue in the next blog with Secret No.3 to Being Truly Happy.

What simple yet effective practical steps will you take in order to make sure your personal atmosphere is fertile with life and positivity?







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