October 7, 2022


Stone Age Church Verses The Meta Church

We have reached the year 2022. The Dawning of a new era – A year for manifesting what once may have seemed impossible but now is clearly made possible. It is a year to go beyond the limitations of what has for so long kept us confound to our limited three-dimensional reality.

We have entered the era of the “META”

Meta, may have seemed like a foreign word to many. Now it is fast becoming a household name, and pretty soon, it will become a day to day, minute by minute part of our everyday lives. I am talking about the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is a virtual reality super-social media machine – and far more. Yes, to limit this new product of Mark Zuckerberg to merely a social media platform would be doing it a grave injustice. I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg himself knows the vast potential and future capabilities of the Metaverse. Why the rapid push for super fast fibre optic internet with speeds of 400Mbps and more available to the average home internet user? Japan recently broke the record with internet speeds of 319 terabits per second (Tb/s) which is 7.6 million times faster than the average home internet speed in the U.S. Superfast Fibre internet is all about establishing reliable and uninterrupted two-way communication.

Now you can begin piecing together puzzle:

Superfast two-way communication + Metaverse = A Complete Virtual World – a Virtual Planet Earth and beyond.


We desperately need another Renaissance Era response from the Church or else I fear the church will become incapable of being a real influencer in the years ahead. The Renaissance era lasted a few hundred years from the 14th to 17th century. This was a time of cultural, intellectual and scientific breakthroughs, revolutions and marvels. It was the time of Shakespeare, Machiavelli, and Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci. This era saw a rapid move towards political and religious freedoms, and surprisingly, the Church was the forefront of this marvelous era of creativity and breakthrough inventions.

Where did we lose the plot? Why did the Church retract?

As the corporate body, the global church, these are questions we need to ask – and fast!

If we fail to adjust to what is happening in our current world and culture, we are going to become a fast sinking 19th century ocean liner in a deep and vast ocean of uncharted waters. The Church was never meant to camp out in an encounter and sing about the glory days of how marvelous the encounter was. Instead, the Church is to move with the cloud of Glory, and in turn setting the trend for the rest of the world.


The Metaverse was named after the ancient Greek term for Meta. Interestingly, here’s what it means in Greek – after, beyond – transcending. The Metaverse is all about Transcending our human confinements of time-space realities and transcending into a limitless multi-dimensional world of endless possibilities. Let me tell you, I firmly believe that this is exactly the dimension the Church is called to move into. This was always something that belonged to the people of God, the Christ people. I call it the Metachurch. A movement of believers that have transcended the limitations of time-space reality and moved into a dimension beyond the three dimensional plane and into a multidimensional reality in God.

I would like to take you to a very interesting passage in the first Epistle of John.

“We proclaim to you what we ourselves have actually seen and heard so that you may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ.” (1 John 1:3 NIV).

The Greek word for fellowship is the word “koinonia” meaning Christian fellowship or communion with God or partnership. This speaks of a very intimate, intertwined union between Father, Son – and Man – made possible by the power of the Holy Spirit of God. Majority of us tend to read scripture and only scrape the surface of what it is saying, but once we dig deeper – with the help of the Spirit of God, we begin to see what the text is actually trying to reveal to us. We are three-dimensional beings that have been invited into a very intimate fellowship, a partnership, a co-laboring with the divine. This fellowship enables man
to enter into a world beyond the three-dimensional limitations and into a six dimensional reality where we begin to access what God sees, hears and feels. We begin to see everything through Gods’ eyes.

Let me say, I believe wholeheartedly that this was always God’s heart’s intention for mankind to function like God. Paul writes in Romans 8:17 of us being “heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ.” God is looking for people to partner with Him in governing the Universe and beyond. And so Man enters the dimension of the Triune God freeing him/her from the three dimensional prison due to the fall of Adam (Earth-bound Man). Dimensions are open and available to the Sons of God – An invitation by the Divine to His Sons and daughters to constantly Harvest from God’s Creative Capacity. This can only become possible when we learn to Consciously Abide in Him.

The Stone Age Church

The Church Always Resists Technology. Everything New is Evil. Sadly this has been the Church’s response to much of the groundbreaking discoveries of mankind through the millennia – with the exception of the Rennaisance Era.

The following reveals the sad truth about the Churches response to past groundbreaking discoveries:

The Church Ignored Science and held onto the Flat Earth belief and ignored scientific proof of the curvature of earth.
When Radio and Telecommunications came out, the Church rejected it saying its evil and opens people up to communication with spirits outside of God. Looking back now, radio and TV Broadcasting has been a massive advantage in the hands of the church in order to spread the Gospel to every corner of the earth.

When we entered the age of personal computers (PCs) the Church said, “that’s 666!”
We now have online church, Zoom Deliverance meetings, Blogs, Websites, YouTube channels all being used as tools to glorify the Lord in the earth in ways that were not possible before the internet.

When credit cards came out, the Church said, “666!”
Today, nearly every ministry uses credit card facilities to receive donations, offerings, transactions helping ministries to do the work of evangelizing to the lost.

Not surprisingly, we already have ministers and prophets coming out saying that the Metaverse is of the devil. Do you notice the pattern here? This is where I believe the church has repeatedly stumbled. Are we going to continue to do this in the name of being spiritual? Or will we position ourselves as the Church to leverage these technologies instead of running away from it.

[To be continued…]

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