October 6, 2022


Your Guide to Manifestation: Heartcore Metanoia

The year 2019. For many, it was a year of positive improvements in many areas of life.
For others, it was a year of various challenges, a year where many experienced themselves being forced into a dark place of confinement, a place within themselves where truth demanded one’s undivided attention, once and for all!

Many were forced to answer questions such as:

  • Am I observing the situation accurately or am I projecting how I feel onto what is happening?
  • Why does it feel as though everything I’ve worked so hard for is crumbling before my very eyes?
  • Are there important lessons I can learn from this experience?
  • Will I use this to become a worse version of me or a better version of me?

I believe the heart of man is the helmsman, captain of our destinies. I truly believe that consciousness is Reality. Nothing is as it seems, we only give it definition Our perception of something, based on our past conditioning will determine the value we place on someone or something. HeatCore Metanoia – Your Guide to Manifestation will give you the basic fundamentals you’ll need for journeying beyond 2020 and manifesting the real you – the abundant, healthy and prosperous you.

Discover vital keys to living the life you deserve, starting at the Heart of the Matter.

Dealing With Rejection – How to Deal with Rejection and Become a People Magnet

Rejection is Something We all Face at Some Point in our Lives.

Rejection is no respecter of a person’s gender, race, ethnic or cultural background,
Although these may play a part in most cases purely due to our individual perceptions
of how we view the world we live in.

Rejection is one of the most painful emotional struggles an individual could ever face.
Many other emotional battles stem from rejection such as social detachment/isolation,
depression, loneliness, and lack of self-worth. The most common question tormenting
the victim is, “what is wrong with me?”

Is there an answer to Rejection? Absolutely!

The reader is about to go on a fascinating journey and discover:

  • How to deal with a common issue facing many people in society.
  • Why Rejection affects both genders and all ethnic groups.
  • Why is Rejection such a painful challenge to overcome?
  • Understanding Neuroplasticity of the brain.
  • How to overcome Rejection by using practical applications.
  • And moreā€¦

Tags: Rejection, Rejection Problem, Rejection Therapy, Rejection Survival, People Magnet,
Social, Mental Wellness, Emotional Healing, Social Skills, Emotional Intelligence

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