October 7, 2022



The postmodern spirit loves messing with the narrative. It is a world where laws, personal convictions, creativity, spirituality and identity are shaped by the cultural context of a particular time and place and community.

The objective thinkers are the antagonists, the delusional bunch who find themselves outdated and trapped in a world of self delusion where Truth is no longer absolute. Truth is now relative and subjective to the individual’s personal and inner convictions.

A classic postmodernist conviction would sound like this: “I discover my truth, that which resonates deep within my soul, my journey of finding myself leads me to my promised land of self discovery, identity and freedom.” This view stems from the notion that we all interpret the world around us in our own way according to our form of communication , cultural background, and personal experiences.

The objective thinkers are the ones who see through the smoke screen. Those who would hold to a certain standard of absolute truth forged in the courts of the heaven, released into the natural realm through spoken (Rhema) Word by the ancient prophets
of old and the order of the Apostolo under the inspiration of the Eternal Spirit of God, fertilizing the realm of time and space with seed of supreme divinity in human form. They penetrate the thick smoke screen of postmodernism and postmodernist theology with razor-edged blades of truth. Herein they discover the enemy’s objective in causing people to drift away from the truth and blindly into a society constructed by social and external factors – a world fully catered for the wounded and fallen soul.

More than ever, the Church needs to witness a return of this order, and the awakening of the Crusaders of Truth who will live and die by the Sword of Truth. These special sent ones will not be a one-dimensional protestant machine , one we have witnessed through Church History, protesting everything in a militant way. As great as the protestant movement was, full of zeal for truth and justice, it also in a sense turned a deaf ear to a hurt and wounded society by bulldozing it’s way through it. And the aftermath being one of the retaliation of society and culture of the day in a form of severe rebellion in all areas of society.

This time we will listen and respond in wisdom, patience and we will do it strategically. In wisdom not of this age but with manifold Wisdom that comes from above. We will not protest against people, we will protest against rulers in high places – as portrayed in this movie (Scarlet Witch, for example).


DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS. A movie for a magical date night? Absolutely not! And certainly a NO NO film for young kids! Confession: I took my wife along to watch this movie and the only consolation we took from the outing, besides spending some quality time together, was the interesting insight we gathered by identifying the hidden occult messages in this film and the postmodernist agenda.

Here is what we discovered:

  • “Being a Mom is not something instituted by God. Being a Mom is Magic.” Quote by Scarlet Witch. Classic postmodernism!
  • The main character has the ability to travel (traverse) between Multiverses. In her own Multiverse there is no such a thing as the Godly institution of Father and Mother. Instead, she has Moms (plural) – two females as parents. The main character’s name is none other than, America! Here we have the LGBT Movement under the guise of classic postmodernism and the reshaping and driving of a culture towards a world completely devoid of absolute truth and replaced by a man-made truth subject to social demands.
  • Dreamwalking is when a person inhabits an alternate version of themselves in another universe, similar to classic Astral Projecting but not quite the same. I would say, this is a higher form of Astral Projecting. Traversing the Astral Plane is limited to a single Universe governed by it’s own rules of time and space. However, with Dreamwalking, you have the ability to transport yourself to another universe by inhabiting your alternate self in that universe. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness revealed that in the MCU dreams are direct views into the lives of your Variants in other worlds. You can’t control them or impact them, though, you can only watch them. But Dreamwalking allows someone to inhabit the mind of a Variant in another universe so they can use their bodies and minds as vehicles in that world to achieve or enforce their rulership.

    In the movie, Scarlet Witch, a supernatural being counterpart’s consciousness with a variation of herself in another Universe. What shocked me was a quote by one of the characters, and I paraphrase, “demons don’t posses people, instead it’s a person’s altered self in another Universe traversing the Multiverse through Dreamwalking.”
Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in Marvel Studios’
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The movie is filled with blatant occult practices and a lot more hidden messages from the Illuminati, to Third Eye and Humanistic Psychology with a classic twist of New Age theology. We have a young generation with a loud hunger cry for something out of this world, something REAL, something fresh. And we as the Church, need to listen, and we need to listen well. Before we crank up the old protestant machine for one last militant bulldoze over society, let’s give them something they never expected – something not even the Rulers in high places (Scarlet Witch, Lucifer, Jezebel, Thanos) expected.

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