October 6, 2022

Welcome to the Journey of Truth


You will stumble across this path only when you are ready. The fact you’re reading this tells me, you are ready. Welcome to Truth Agent! I truly believe, where we find ourselves currently in our personal journeys through life (both individually and collectively) is directly related to the most inner held and often times nurtured belief systems we have. However, in spite of these belief systems, residing deep down at the very core of who we are, and being responsible for much of our painful experiences through life, there is a way, and that way is truth. Our belief systems are what determine our current state of being and our ongoing journey through life as we venture out into the uncharted waters of what we call the future.

The Heart of Man is the helmsman, captain of our destinies. A proven study by the Heart Math Institute reveals that the electromagnetic field surrounding the human heart is five thousand times greater than the brain. Here at Truth Agent, we truly believe this is a scientific fact we simply cannot continue to ignore. It is our personal conviction that Mind Power through the absence of true Heart Synchronicity will ultimately result in the destruction of the soul.

We see ourselves as “Crusaders of The Truth.” Our life’s mission is to inspire, share, teach, equip, and impact people from all walks of life across the globe. As Missionaries, Explorers, Entrepreneurs, Financial Freedom Facilitators Authors, and Bloggers, we have set the intention to accomplish our mission. We consider ourselves as Change Agents who believe that the true vibrational setpoint of the universe, is in fact, Truth. It is our desire to see people’s lives transformed by sharing the Absolute Truth about the very core principles of what determines our human experiences and relations with each other. Our aim is to help people awaken to who they truly are deep from within – from the HeartCore, and begin living from a higher perspective and perception of reality.

We share content on various Key Life Categories: Spirituality, Personal Mastery, Mind, Emotions, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Freedom.

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