October 7, 2022

What I Think of Russell Brunson and Click Funnels

Who is Russell Brunson?

A young American entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, philanthropist, and sales funnel king of the online marketing jungle pretty much explains Russell. I guess he’s probably best known as the young co-founder of the famous ClickFunnels. Now I know for many of my South African peeps you’re probably wondering, “Okay what is a Click Funnel?” Or perhaps you already know but need more light shed on the ins and outs of how a funnel can radically shift your online business from stagnation to a fast-flowing stream of sales conversions. Either or, not to worry, I’ll explain everything in intricate detail in my upcoming blog and video series entitled: Starting an Online Enterprise from Scratch, so keep a lookout for that.

I first discovered Russell back in 2018. How I discovered him was pretty interesting. Just a little history on my personal journey into Online Marketing and as an Online Entrepreneur.

It all began back in 2013. I had reached a point in my life where I became immensely unsatisfied with my lifestyle and wanted to discover how to create my own freedom, independence, and mastering my own life in key areas. I had this desperation on the inside of me and still do, to break free from the norm – “Rat Race” of life that the large majority are stuck in. I wanted to be different. And being different, in my view, was, first of all, unplugging myself from the system that says, “in order to make a living you need to trade your time for money.” And that concept didn’t stick well with me. At the end of the day, time is our most valuable asset. This is something many of us fail to recognize: You can get money back, you may be able to get back a relationship but you can NEVER redeem the time.

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Anyway, I accidentally stumbled across a young online entrepreneur who began sharing life-changing principles that I began implementing in my own life. Soon I began looking and feeling far better than I ever did. I began taking back my life and started creating a life that I would be proud of. I became a fitness fanatic pursuing a part-time career in fitness instructing because it gave me a great sense of fulfillment doing something I loved while making a career of it. Many events in my personal life began to unfold after that, and it was only until 2018 that I began to make the decision to start picking up the pieces and carry on where I left off. I began following Tony Robbins as I did before, and it was through a Tony Robbins Master class that I discovered Russell – and what a blessing.

I call Russell Brunson the Online Marketing Revolutionist. That is exactly what he’s done – revolutionize the way we all do Online Marketing. Russell invented Click Funnels and has contributed a lot in popularizing the concept of sales funnels. It’s quite an amazing story of how Russell began his journey in Online Marketing. For instance, in 2005, Russell introduced a product “How To Create A Potato Gun” DVDs. This was a simple instructional course, where buyers had the option to purchase a potato gun kit as an up-sell. These initial products launched Russell into the world of Internet Marketing, where he quickly became one of the top marketing minds in the world. Within a year of graduating college, he became a young multi-millionaire and had no intention of slowing down as he began growing faster and faster into one of the world’s top online entrepreneurial giants. The guy sold everything from nutritional shakes and supplements, to books on consulting, coupons, t-shirts, technology services, and various kinds of digital products. He reached a top-ranking status in several network marketing companies, winning a sports car and generating 1.5 million leads in just six weeks.

Russell eventually invented Click Funnels – a new revolutionary concept of doing online marketing. Russel, together with his business partner Todd Dickerson, launched their sales funnel software in late 2014. The company has grown to $100,000,000 and 55,000 customers in the first three years. Click Funnels is now the fastest-growing non-venture backed software company in the world. With a following of over a million entrepreneurs, he’s published and sold over 250,000 copies of his marketing books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and helped thousands of entrepreneurs change their lives.

What is a Sales Funnel

You’ll be surprised to discover that the entire concept of a sales funnel is actually what makes Fast food giants like McDonald’s so successful.

Okay, so you decide you’re hungry. You jump in your car, and off you go to the closest McDonald’s. Once you’re there, you take the Drive Through. Now in your mind, you’ve already pictured that Big Mac you’re going to so very much enjoy. What happens next? You notice an entire menu in front of you – in full color. It says something like, “Happy meal, get a burger, fries, and a soda for $7.” The burger alone is 5 bucks but hey, you know what? For only $12, I’m gonna go full out here. It just makes perfect sense to upsize your order and grab a burger plus fries and soda for only 12 bucks.

Now there is a lot more to funnels than a Bic Mac meal. However, this, simply put, is exactly how the concept of a sales funnel works!

You see an offer. Let’s say, someone selling a training program on how to train your dog to sit for $15. You click on the sales page and you decide to purchase the product and then you’re presented with an up-sell, for example: ” why not add this amazing dog training whistle to your purchase for only $5 extra!” (remember the Big Mac Meal concept). Then when you add that to your purchase, BOOM! you get another offer saying, “join our Dog Training VIP Membership Club for only $5 per month.”

So what you now have is, instead of what would have been a single $15 purchase, you’ve now spent an extra $5 for the dog training whistle plus you have joined the VIP membership where you’ll be paying the seller $5 per month to stay connected, and updated on all the latest dog training tips, all this through the work of ONE SALES FUNNEL! Do you see the magic in this and the potential this offers anyone wanting to market or build their own online business, and brand? Don’t forget to catch my upcoming blog article and video entitled: Starting an Online Enterprise from Scratch where I go into more detail on how to begin your own online business with very little to no cost involved, simply by using certain key online marketing tools and strategies.

Traffic Secrets -The Book

Everyone in the world of Online Marketing NEEDS TRAFFIC!

Why Traffic?

Traffic is the bloodline of every online business.
Traffic is as important to your online business as blood is to the body.
It’s quite simple: no traffic, no sales…no online business!

Now there are many ways to drive traffic to your sale funnel:

  • Purely organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Facebook Ads or other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.
  • Through your YouTube channel or Facebook Page

There are many more ways to drive traffic to your sales funnel. The key is to discover which one you flow with better. For example, I have many fellow online marketers who love Facebook Marketing because of the constant user engagement that warms the Facebook algorithm. Some, like myself, prefer YouTube for various reasons which I’ll explain in a later blog. As I mentioned previously, find which one works for you. I would also recommend working with one and once you’ve reached a certain amount of success then venture out and try another platform. Cross-pollinating can eventually lead to frustration and plenty of late nights and loss of sleep – ask me all about it.

Traffic Secrets is a book that was created to help you get more traffic (your dream customers) into your websites and funnels. Russell’s latest book reveals proven strategies on how you can drive TRAFFIC to your online business or sales funnel to grow your business.

This book shows the simple process that we have used to get TENS OF MILLIONS of people to come to our sites every month. It’s a simple strategy that any company could implement, even if they don’t understand what traffic is. Russell Brunson


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