October 7, 2022


  • If you are called to mend the brokenhearted you are going to wrestle with brokenheartedness.
  • If you are called to prophesy you are going to struggle to control your tongue. If you are called to lay hands on the sick you will battle spiritual viruses and infirmities.
  • If you are called to preach and to teach the Gospel you will be sifted for the wisdom that anoints your message.
  • If you are called to empower your self-esteem will be attacked, your success will be Hard Fought and Dragged through the Mud of Gossip, your Failures will be highlighted all over, and your flaws will be introspected.

Your calling will come with CUPS, THORNS and SIFTING that is necessary for your mantle to be distilled, authentic, humble, and powerful. Your crushing won’t be easy because your assignment is not easy.

Your Oil is not cheap – Many are Called – Few are Chosen.

This is the Parable of the Pearl of Great Price

“he Lord said again, ‘The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field which when a man hath found he hideth and for joy of it, goeth and selleth all that he hath and buyeth that field. Again the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant man, seeking fine pearls who when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.’ ” Matthew 13:44 through 46.

The message we find in this parable is that there is nothing in all the world and the vast stretches of our universe that could possibly match the priceless value of the Kingdom of God. Jesus used many parables to describe what the Kingdom of God is like, this is why He begins off each of these parables saying, “the Kingdom is like…”

Your Oil is not cheap – Many are Called – Few are Chosen.


There will come a time in each of our lives when God will test our hearts to the max, to see if He, in fact, truly is our everything, as we claim. When God tells you to sacrifice your promise, it’s never easy. He doesn’t expect you or those you love dearly to understand – truth be told, those closest to you will actually think you’ve lost your mind or you’re simply just an idiot.

All He asks is, are you willing to trust Me with your life, are you willing to let go of everything you hold dear in exchange for Me and Me ALONE!

Mount Moriah was always meant to be a lonely uphill journey, one that only you can take, you, and your PROMISE, to the Altar of Sacrifice. One can only imagine the thoughts running through Abraham’s mind at the time, “God, You Promised me I’d be the Father of many nations and now Lord you want me to kill (My PROMISE) my only Son? What kind of a God are You?”

Abraham passed the test. Abraham’s number one desire, his ultimate pursuit, was the Hebrew God. Abraham also knew that this God was able to Resurrect The Promise at any time.

What is your most Treasured Possession? It may differ from person to person. What’s most precious to me may not be as much to you. What or Who have you valued more than God?

  • What is your promise? What have you held most dear to your heart in fear of losing it one day? What has God Promised you? What is more important to you? A loving Family or God? A Dream Career or God? A Great Calling or God? A precious, treasured Relationship or God? An Important Position in a Business or Church or God?

BE WARNED! He will surely test you! We all have to go to Mount Moriah at least once in our lives. It’s at this mountain where many tears are shed and many questions asked. If you don’t take this journey you’ll never know what’s waiting on the other side! It may just be Your resurrection into Something beautiful… And there you may just find your PROMISE waiting for you, gift wrapped in LOVE and GLORY! This journey was never meant to be Easy – Wonderful and Exiting full of Glory and Grace, Yes! Easy? No!

It’s at this place where you say, “I TRULY SURRENDER ALL!”

God said, “Abraham, because you were willing to SACRIFICE your son, your PROMISE, your one and only son, I will now SACRIFICE my Son, My One and only Son!”

It’s in this place where you discover YOUR PEARL OF GREAT PRICE, which no one…NO ONE, can take away from you.



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