October 7, 2022

Your Habits can Make or Break You

It’s true.  Your habits can make or break you. No matter what path you’re on. Whether you’re looking for better health… More money… Better relationships…What will ultimately separate those who succeed from those who fail are the habits. The habits are simply things that will carry you to your goal. Or pull you away from them. To do this, effectively, you need to look at your life with a bird’s eye view. Establish what carries you towards your goal to ultimately achieve it. And what sabotages your success.

For instance, if your goal is to lose weight, it is probably a good idea if you don’t walk into the bakery down the street. Usually, you’d think that you have to program your mind with specific habits for a specific area, right? That’s what I thought…There’s a universal blueprint to succeed in ANY area of your life. It doesn’t matter what it is.

The great thing about success in one area, is that it tends to spread to other areas. Call it the spillover effect.  Call it whatever you like. All I know is that this stuff WORKS!  

The truth is, we all have rituals. Whether your morning ritual is to roll out of bed, check your social media, filling your mind with a lot negative information then jumping into the shower after having a your favorite high caffeine drink and rush to work to make it in time or whether your morning ritual is to wake up early and begin the day by conditioning your mind and body with meditation and a few exercises followed by a healthy nutritious breakfast before entering into a time where you feed your mind positive information or simply planing your day. The key is to make sure the rituals you have are moving your life in a positive direction. We only get one shot at this life and it’s our responsibility to make sure we use our time and abilities to live a life well pleasing not only to ourselves but also to our Creator. The two most valuable assets you posses in life is your TIME and your GIFTS, what you naturally posses as an individual to share with the world and to make a positive impact on those around you.

By making the quality decision to proactively create your daily ritual that’ll gear you towards living life at a higher plane mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, is the first step. Everything in life starts with a decision. Make that decision today and begin to invest in your personal mastery. In order to lift others up mentally and emotionally you need to be at a certain level mentally and emotionally. . In order to lift others up financially you need to be at a higher level financially. This is just the way things work.

Le me use this analogy. Let’s say I’m standing on a stage or platform and I reach down towards you standing on the ground level for you to take my hand. I can easily pull you up to my level. But lets say we were both on the ground level. It would be almost impossible for me reach out for your hand and pull you up to a level higher than what I am on.

In the same way, I cannot try to empower you mentally and emotionally if I am not functioning from a level of mental and emotional well being because I will only pull you down to my level of depression or whatever mental or emotional state I am in at the time. I can possibly provide you with insight or information for you to pursue on your own, yes, but the actual fuel (motivation/inspiration) would then have to be your own.

I want to encourage you to Commit to Mastery, you deserve to give yourself the best of yourself that’ll in turn, spill over and become a LIFE GIVING FOUNTAIN for others.

  • Are you someone would like to begin taking charge of your life?
  • Are you someone who’s wanting more to life, a greater meaning and purpose to why you are here on earth, at this time?
  • Do you wish to be a powerful, well centered individual who lives life on your terms and never settles for less, someone who proactively creates his/her days, months and years instead of reacting to all the events in your day and ultimately your life?

If these 3 questions describe you, then I’ve got a Powerful Program I highly recommend. It’s called Morning Ritual Mastery This is a 7 Day Day Morning Ritual Training Program that literally walks you through on how to create your very own custom Morning Ritual that suites you perfectly. This program literally transformed my life and I totally believe it will do the same for anyone who’s committed to becoming a powerful, well centered individual who lives life on their terms – on purpose and with a healthy balance in all areas of life.

For more information, simply go to Morning Ritual Mastery

Please comment below in the comments section if you have any questions you’d like answers to and I’ll be happy to answer.

To YOUR Success
Mark Arrow
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